Jean Marie Gunner

Jean Marie Gunner
We are all basically good.

Monday, July 23, 2012



In the morning

Eyes open

How does my body feel?

Where is my mind?

My senses awaken

Do they smell, taste, feel, see and hear

All the life that is around me

In the vastness of space as I come alive

On my tiny dot on earth

Sometimes a great big event

Jolts me awake

Like a death, a birth, a sickness

At times it is more subtle

Other times sublime

Wakefulness comes when I relax

When I remember to breathe

And feel and participate in all the life around me

Emptiness brings the fullness

Once I empty out the contents cluttering my mind

Thoughts drift away

My body relaxes and my achiness subsides

It seems like a miracle has taken place

A common every day miracle

Only through the emptying

Can the richness

The utter fullness of my world

Enter me and fill me up

Inspire me and hold my attention

I smell life

The inspiration is always happening

There’s a stream trickling on day after day

An apple tree ripening from seed to sapling to budding tree to fruitful harvest

Suddenly this grasshopper alights on my hand as I sit in this garden

Resting easily

Trusting the peace

The undisturbed body of being

(poem written August 9, 2011)

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