Jean Marie Gunner

Jean Marie Gunner
We are all basically good.

Friday, October 26, 2012


A Poem

I watched as the news from the television set spoke of the world’s inhumanity

I felt the force of destruction and despair move through me into the next room

The feeling of who are and a death wish knocked at my body’s door

I walked away and refused Death Mother’s admittance

The chaos is real and happening

But what if I choose to not let it into my place

My small place in this large world

The world, the planet, is bursting and alive every day and in in every moment

Life which culminates second by second

Nature doesn’t wait for the right time to act

It dances spontaneously

I passed through the archway of my mind's meanderings and back into my small yet significant reality

Realizing that my mind and body contain all the life there has ever been in the world

We are specks of unity, vessels holding the entire world in our bodily forms

Jesus and other messengers, earthly warriors of truth, remembered

They came to remind us to remember too

The illusions we carry in our thoughts are so dense and thick that they had to physically demonstrate to us their humility, they sacrificed to help humanity remember our oneness

Their hearts are wise and knowing

I turn back from my thoughts and the inner workings of my mind again to look out with a fresh view upon my family

They are the reflection of all the moments of life within me

And at this moment I want to be me

There is absolutely nothing missing

I am glad to be in my body, standing precisely where I am with all my gifts and charm, and frailties and foibles

Timeless, motionless

In a freeze-frame of utter gratitude to be alive as me

The pain delivered by the television pulled me back to this reality

Of standing here in total open inner silence

Seeing the beauty of My Family

My cousin Mary’s shining daughter, Grace, her smile and bouncing blond curls

I heard the ebullient laughter hanging in the air

I would not have chosen to be anywhere else on earth

But here in my Aunt’s kitchen with these, my people, my lovely family with all their flaws and sparks of life

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