Jean Marie Gunner

Jean Marie Gunner
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Sunday, December 2, 2012



The journey of a tear

Dwelling first within my heart

It starts as a welling of a dull inside ache

Appearing rather suddenly in my eye’s corner

Watery, flowing, alive

Its destination yet unknown in its meaning

Yet my tear’s highway is always the same

Edging its way out of one corner of a sad eye

Beginning its passage down

A flushed cheek on the face of a feeling

Washing its way off the edge of tired soul’s face

The human pondering her life’s own journey

Desperate in its teeming stasis

Dreaming of being instead a river

That can continuously flow

Like this small droplet of fluid

That has made its way

Out of her eye

Over her cheek

Down her chin

How different is the tear really from the river

The tear as the river is both

Wet and flowing

And ever feeling its way

Through its passage on

Human surfaces

Just as a river flows over

This precious earth’s own surfaces

(Written January 8, 2006)

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