Jean Marie Gunner

Jean Marie Gunner
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Wednesday, February 2, 2011

A Journey of Life

How many wondrous places exist on this earth. Places and people to visit and experience. Culture, music, food, politics. The diversity is so rich and alive with brilliant wonder. Traveling by one's self or taking an unplanned journey relies on a sense of daring and courage. Where does this come from? Deep within and also surrounds all that is alive on this planet and in our World. I love and long for the wild untamed sea. One place I have found takes my breath away each time I have visited is the western shores of Ireland. I feel at home in Donegal, along the northwest reaches of this island country. The land is barren and brushed brown with a deep blue and frothy white of the North Atlantic. It is untamed and reminds be through every sense of my body to be in the present, particularly in the high cliffs of Donegal.






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