Jean Marie Gunner

Jean Marie Gunner
We are all basically good.

Wednesday, July 18, 2012


I am your mountain

I am the mountain top, the slope, the pathway

I am both journey and destination

I am transfigured by the steps you take daily

Each moment brings you closer

As you trod upon me climbing ever nearer to the peak

I am the wind that ruffles your hair as well as your feathers

I breeze through your days which transform into years

I find solace in your motivation

I am the river that rushes and slows to a trickle

I carry your memories as well as dreams of your future

I am everyone you’ve ever met and all you have yet to meet

I am in the air you inhale

I am in the water you swallow

I am in the earth you sink your feet into

I am the fire that drives you

I am your mountain

I am all the summits you have reached

I reside in your heart and mind at once

I am all the mountain you will ever need

As you stand resolute in purpose

Aware of your present

Dreaming of your future

There are many summits still to reach

I abide all your decisions

Through love I catch you when you fall

I am your mountain

I am you

(written September 18, 2007)

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